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These instructions will detail the application of Bikeshield on the down tube.

READ THEM ALL THE WAY THROUGH BEFORE YOU REGIN AND EXAMINE THE PHOTOS CLOSELY. If you follow these simple instructions closely and repeat them for the other areas you wish to protect, your bike will be well protected, look great, and you will be proud ofthe job you have done. We have listed many steps in order to be very clear but you will find that Bikeshield is very easy to apply.
  1. Clean the parts you want to protect with the methylated spirits, or isopropanol alcohol, and the lint free cloth. Be careful not to rub too bard as the spirits could loosen the glue holding decals and darnage paint. Just wipe the area to get the dirt and grease off.
  2. Take the Bikeshield pieces out of the package. There are five pieces.
  3. Measure the length ofthe down tube.
  4. Either wrap a piece of paper or the measuring tape around the down tube to determine the width.
  5. Select the piece of Bikeshield that is closest in length and width.
  6. Cut the Bikeshield piece to the exact length and width you need.
  7. Fold back a piece of the backing paper (about 1 inch or 25 mm) at one end. (We recommend the end that will be applied to the top oft he down tube.)
  8. Hold the piece up to the down tube lining it up in the position you want. We recommend the seam go on the bottom of the down tube for better appearance and protection. Attach the adhesive side of Bikeshield by pressing lightly, but finnly, with your thumb.
  9. Remove the rest of the backing paper from Bikeshield, holding it up and away from the down tube.
  10. Hold with one hand the end that has been already pressed on and lightly lay the length of Bike Shield along the top of the down tube.
  11. Starting in approximately the center and on top ofthe down tube, press Bikeshield on firmly with your thumb in a horizontal line, slowly working your way out to the ends. (If you get a bubble or wrinkle, simply lift the end that you are working towards to remove the bubble or wrinkle, and then continue slowly working your way out.
  12. When you get to the water bott1e eyelets, score Bike Shield around the eyelet. (Do not cut all the way throughl) Then, using the point ofthe blade, cut through a very litt1e at one point along where you have scored Bikeshield for the eyelet. Then, simply grab Bikeshield where you cut through and pull. Bike Shield will tear very cleanly along the line you have scored. Now, press Bike Shield around the eyelet and continue slowly working your way out to the end. This procedure is also to be used when you need to cut non straight lines on such areas as the headset, derailluers, etc.
  13. After you have pressed Bikeshield all along the top, start in the middle again, at the top that is already pressed on, and wrap Bikeshield lightly around the down tube.
  14. Again, starting in the middle and slowly working your way to the outsides press Bikeshield firmly onto the down tube with your thumbs using a horizontal motion. Once again, if you get wrinkles, simply lift Bikeshield from the edge closest to the wrinkle, and then press again with an outward motion with your thumb.
  15. After you have completely pressed Bikeshield into place, go back and very firmly press it again. Ifyou like, and you have one, you can use a blow drier on low heat to remove any small wrinkles you may have. This is not necessary as any small bubbles or wrinkles will disappear in a few hours or days!

That’s it! Repeat the same type of process on all the areas you want to protect.

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